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Prenatal Gender Testing

Want to Know if You're Having a Boy or Girl, But Don't Want to Wait for Your 20-Week Ultrasound? You're in Luck! 

Advances in scientific technology have made it entirely possible to find out your baby’s gender - almost as soon as you discover that you are pregnant! Think about how much preparation you could accomplish for your tiny prince or princess with all that extra time. At affordable costs, you can have a simple blood test done to determine whether your little one is a he or a she! However, there are some things you will want to know before committing to a particular type of test.

First, at home tests are often not accurate. Urine-based gender tests don’t show the presence of sex hormones to determine gender. Don’t waste your time or money! A blood test is the most accurate way to detect the gender of a fetus.


Schedule an appointment at Badger Testing Services to perform a Peekaboo Test (which consists of a simple blood draw) by calling (608) 316-2700. The Peekaboo DNA test is completely safe for both mother and unborn child. The Peekaboo blood test detects the presence of a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood if she is carrying a boy (if it is not present, the baby is a girl). DNA Blood tests to discover gender are the highest level of accuracy in determining the gender of your baby, with an accuracy level of 99.5%. This level of accuracy is the same as waiting for a 20-week ultrasound but can be performed at 7 weeks gestation. This allows expectant mothers to begin preparing for baby boy or baby girl up to 13 weeks sooner than expected.

Pricing of Peekaboo Test: $150 (due at appointment)

Results in as little as 2 days after appointment time.

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