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DNA Testing

We offer Prenatal Gender Testing and Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing!
Read to learn more or contact us to schedule an appointment using the form below!

Prenatal Gender Testing
Gender Reveal at Just 7 Weeks Gestation!

Are you planning to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl? Would you like to know sooner than your 20 week ultrasound appointment? New advances in technology now make it possible to discover your baby’s gender about the same time you discover that you’re expecting. A gender reveal party could be your pregnancy announcement! At affordable rates a simple blood draw can be done to tell you whether you’re carrying a boy or girl! However, don’t just choose any gender reveal test available, it’s important to know what you’re actually paying for.  

First, home tests are often inaccurate. Any urine-based gender test is unable to predict gender. Don't waste your time or money on gimmicks sold online. A blood test is the only accurate way to determine gender of a fetus before a 20 week ultrasound.


Call (608)316-2700 today to schedule an appointment at Badger Testing Services in Madison, Wisconsin and ask to schedule your "Peekaboo DNA Test" (blood draw appointment). The Gender, or Peekaboo, DNA test is safe for both the mother and the unborn baby. The science behind the Peekaboo DNA test is that the blood test detects the presence of a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood if she is carrying a boy (Y chromosome is only present in a female if she is carrying a male fetus). If the Y chromosome is not present in the mother’s blood, she is carrying a girl. DNA blood tests to determine gender are of the highest level of accuracy (99.5% accurate from 7 weeks and beyond). This is the same level of accuracy as waiting for the 20 week ultrasound. This can allow expectant mothers to begin preparing for their baby boy or baby girl much sooner than expected!

Pricing of a Gender "Peekaboo" DNA Test: $150 (due at time of appointment)

Results in as little as 2 days from appointment

Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing
Establishing Paternity Prior to Birth

Now with new advanced technology in DNA, all that is required to establish paternity is 1) a basic blood draw when a woman is 7 weeks pregnant and 2) a mouth swab from the suspected father. This is all that is needed to figure out who the father of your child is while you are still pregnant. A lot of women still think that they would have to wait until the birth of the baby to do a DNA test for paternity, or that they would need to have an invasive procedure, which could possibly hurt the baby growing inside of them. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE!


Book an appointment today for a fast and easy blood draw to determine who the father of your child is. Results in as short as 5 business days! Can you imagine how much stress would be relieved to know in advance?! This knowledge is priceless!

Call today: (608)316-2700 to schedule a Prenatal DNA Paternity Test at Badger Testing Services. Just a reminder that both the mother and probable father will need to have appointments scheduled. These appointments can be done together or at different times. Having two different possible fathers tested is also an option. The total cost of testing is due at the time of the first appointment. A 3% charge is added to the cost if paying with a credit card.

The Prenatal Paternity test is accurate, confidential, and SAFE for baby and mom. Badger Testing Services offers this DNA test at fair market rates and is one of the only places that offers this test in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Our location offers a convenient, private, and warm friendly place for your prenatal DNA testing needs.

Pricing: $1500 due at appointment

3% additional charge if using credit card (all major credit cards accepted)

$300 additional for a second alleged father

Results in as little as 5 business days

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