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Prenatal DNA Testing: Establishing Paternity Prior to Birth

Due to advancing DNA technology, a simple blood test at 7 weeks gestation (while still pregnant) and a mouth swab from the alleged father is all that is needed to establish paternity prior to the birth of a child. Many women are under the impression that they will need to wait until the baby is born to perform a DNA test for paternity, otherwise the alternative is to undergo an invasive procedure which may harm the fetus.



You can book an appointment today for a quick blood draw to discover the father of your child. Furthermore, you would receive results in as little as a week! The peace of mind that this opportunity offers is truly priceless!

Call (608) 316-2700 in order to schedule a Prenatal Paternity DNA test at Badger Testing Services. Both the mother and alleged father will need appointments, which can be done together or separately. There is also the option of having 2 different potential fathers tested. The full cost of testing is due at the time of the initial appointment. A three percent charge is added if using a credit card.

This test is accurate, confidential, and SAFE for all. Badger Testing Services offers this test at competitive market rates and is one of the only sites offering this test in the immediate area. Our Madison location offers a convenient, private and friendly place to complete your prenatal DNA testing needs.

Pricing: $1500 due at appointment

3% additional charge if using credit card (all major credit cards accepted)

$300 additional for a second alleged father

Results in as little as 7 business days

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